The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide

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The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide takes you day-by- day through Diane Sanfilippo’s
popular 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) program. This engaging and colorful book was
created to give you new insights on how to succeed based on feedback that Diane has
received over seven years of running the program. You’ll learn what to expect each day
of the Detox, from how your body might be responding to how you might be feeling
Inside you’ll find:
• Meal prep tips and tricks to make cooking easier
• Motivational moments to keep you going
• Journal space to track your experience and progress
• More than 50 mouthwatering recipes that won’t leave you feeling deprived
• Recommended products and brands to make your 21DSD easier
• … and so much more!
Beginning one week before your 21-Day Sugar Detox and wrapping up one week after,
you’ll be guided completely through the process of stripping sugar, sweet foods, and
“bad carbs” out of your life. You’ll learn how best to prepare yourself for the program
and ease into the change, as well as how to ease out and incorporate what you’ve
learned while on the program into your everyday life thereafter.
Since 2010, the 21-Day Sugar Detox has helped hundreds of thousands of people bust
sugar and carb cravings through the original book, cookbook, online program, website
(at, Certified 21DSD Coaches, and various social media
platforms. Now you can dive into the Detox with confidence, knowing that you’ll be
guided every step of the way!



When I was growing up, I was the Candy Girl. If I earned two dollars for completing some chores, you can bet that every penny of it was going to be spent on Snickers, Rolos, Three Musketeers, Blow Pops, Tootsie Rolls, and Jolly Ranchers. And this relationship with sugar and sweets didn’t end with my youth. Nope, it followed me well into adulthood, when I had free rein to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Birthday cake for breakfast? Yes, please! Leftover pie for an afternoon snack? You better believe it. It wasn’t just sweets, either—I loved sugar in any form. I’m talking about refined carbs that turn to sugar in your body, like bagels, pretzels, bread, and pasta. When I decided to lose weight after college, I dove headfirst into dieting. If it was a processed “health” food, I ate it: high-fiber cereal, soy cheese, low-fat granola bars, and non-fat anything. I’d eat meals that left me feeling full for maybe two hours and then reach for snacks to prop up my energy level and keep me from zombie-level hunger. Now, there’s a difference between getting hungry as you naturally should and getting to that “hangry” (hungry + angry) place because you’ve overdone it on bad carbs and your blood sugar jumped up only to come crashing back down.


I never knew that it was possible to get hungry without also getting shaky, feeling like I was going to pass out, sweating, or even feeling nauseated, like I would do anything to get my hands on something to eat. I knew I was on a blood sugar roller coaster, but I didn’t know how to get off it! Eventually I learned that eating meals that were more balanced—with adequate protein and plenty of fat, as well as veggies—could help me feel better. I resisted at first, because I was convinced that eating fat would make me fat. Boy, was I wrong. When I finally decided to stop being afraid of fat and give this new approach a shot, I ate a reasonably sized meal of chicken thighs and kale cooked in some coconut oil, and I wasn’t hungry again for several hours. And when I got hungry, I just got hungry. I was finally able to eat a meal and feel satisfied. What a difference protein and fat can make! Once I cut out sugar, refined foods, and gluten, my blood sugar stabilized. It was like a miracle. I could go out with plans to be gone for over an hour and not have to jam a snack into my purse—food freedom! After a year of gloriously even blood sugar levels, I had a slipup. It was around four in the afternoon, and I had worked through lunch and was hungry—really hungry. And instead of taking myself home to eat, I stopped at the candy store.


The Candy Girl had been dormant for many years, but she hadn’t quite been obliterated yet! I bought a quarter pound of gummy candies, licorice, and other assorted super-sugary goodies, and I ate the entire bag. At once. About an hour later, it hit me. My massive sugar intake led to the hardest blood sugar crash I’d ever felt. I was right back to that full-blown hangry place—shaking, sweating, and feeling like I was going to pass out. I actually felt like I might fall to the floor. Once I finally started to feel better, I knew without a doubt that my dietary changes had been the right way to go—and I was never going to do that to my body again. Removing sugar and refined foods from my diet has given me the energy I always knew I should have, improved the quality of my sleep, and even helped to alleviate the chronic sinus infections I struggled with for many years. It’s amazing what can happen when we give our bodies what they want, rather than simply what’s readily available. As a result of my own blood sugar roller coaster experiences, years of holistic nutritional studies, and then more years of working with clients as a nutrition consultant and teacher, I developed the 21-Day Sugar Detox. I wanted to help people get off the blood sugar roller coaster and give them a way to jump-start the process of kicking those sugar and carb cravings. The best part about this program is that it’s not about deprivation or dieting! What Is the 21-Day Sugar Detox? At its core, the 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) is a three-week real-food-based program that helps you bust sugar and carb cravings naturally.


There are no required supplements, shakes, pills, or powders. I originally created this program in April 2010, and it has since helped hundreds of thousands of people to live healthier, happier lives, free from the chains that sugar once had on them. The best part about this program is that it’s not about deprivation or dieting! On the 21DSD, you’ll eat plenty of healthy whole foods that nourish your body. Rather than going hungry and feeling like you need to struggle or power through the program, you’ll eat whenever you’re hungry, using the tons of delicious, healthy recipes right here in this book and beyond. Why Try the 21-Day Sugar Detox? There are four main reasons to follow the 21DSD: 1. Regulate blood sugar levels and lose body fat. By changing the food you’re eating for three weeks, you’ll regulate your blood sugar levels and kick-start the physiological process that encourages healthy fat loss. The nutrient-dense whole foods you’ll be eating will provide your body with the vitaminand mineral-rich calories it needs for the countless functions it carries out on a daily basis, giving you more energy than you previously had. 2. Quell your sugar cravings. When you begin eating differently every day, you start to crave the new foods you’re eating. It sounds a little crazy, but I’ve seen it happen time and time again with our detoxers—they go from craving a morning pastry to waking up excited for eggs, bacon, and kale! Avoiding refined foods, sweeteners, and even super-sweet whole foods lets all of the beautiful, naturally sweet foods truly taste sweet again.


And, in turn, sugary processed foods become cloyingly sweet to your reset palate. You’ll enjoy the wonderful and natural sweetness of a green apple in a whole new way and with a new appreciation after completing the 21DSD. 3. Reduce inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the body’s response to a problem. When your body thinks there’s a constant problem, it lives in a chronic state of inflammation. This steady, low-level, systemic inflammatory state is at the root of just about every chronic disease imaginable. Sugar consumption plays a role in chronic inflammation in two main ways: 1) Depleted nutrient stores from overconsumption of bad carbs lead to a chronic state of stress in the body. 2) Chronically high and/or low blood sugar—the blood sugar roller coaster, which comes from consistently ingesting too many bad carbs—creates a stress state for the body. But the 21DSD doesn’t just eliminate sweeteners and sugary processed foods; it also eliminates some of the most common food allergens: gluten, soy, corn, and (for some) dairy.


Sanfilippo, Diane (2018-01-01T22:58:59). The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide: A Simplified, Day-By Day Handbook & Journal to Help You Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally (Kindle Locations 50-318). Victory Belt Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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